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Pediatric and Adult Evaluations

Using a brain-based assessment and therapeutic treatment approach, we help individuals with sensori-motor processing disorders and diagnoses including ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia and others that are affecting focus and attention as well as academic, behavioral and developmental skills. 


An experience with Body 4 Brain begins with a complimentary phone conversation to discuss your child and the concerns you are having causing you to reach out to us.  This conversation will lead to a determination of what to do next.

Body 4 Brain offers a number of programs to treat your child:


  • Initial Consultation includes explanation of brain based and sensory processing evaluations, therapy and goals.     


  • Evaluations

    • In Home

    • In Clinic   

    • School evaluations.


  • Weekly sessions including home program.


  • Sensory Diet  a detailed multi-activity home program typically for children on the autistic spectrum.


  • Intensives 3 weeks, can include a combination of sensory motor, academics, speech and language, listening, visual motor and behavioral support.


  • Environment Consultations - On site visits,  for home, IEP or school training.


  • Trainings and Workshops -  for educators, therapists and parent groups.

  • For ADULTS: A comprehensive PT evaluation is available


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